HiScout GmbH is committed to handling your personal data with the utmost care. Users who provide personal data or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) on our website do so strictly of their own accord. HiScout will also handle this data confidentially and will not pass it on to third parties.

This website uses etracker GmbH technology to collect and store data for the purposes of marketing and optimising our services. This data may be used to compile a user profile under a pseudonym. Cookies may also be used. Cookies are small text files that are saved locally in the cache of a website user’s internet browser. They allow the website to recognise the internet browser again later.
Data recovered using etracker technology will not be used to personally identify website visitors or to add personal data to a user’s pseudonym profile unless the user gives their express permission to do so. Users may revoke the future collection and storage of data at any time.

Links to other websites
Our website contains links to other websites. We cannot force other websites to comply with our data protection requirements. Links to external websites are highlighted. We checked the content of the linked pages when we created the link. However, we cannot guarantee that the content on those pages has not been changed since that time. If you believe that linked pages contain illegal or inappropriate material, please let us know. External links lead to servers whose privacy policies may differ from ours. To review them, you should go to the home page of the linked page and contact the provider directly, where necessary. HiScout GmbH is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of external resources.

Note for parents and guardians
Parents and guardians are encouraged to talk to their children about the safe, responsible use of personal data on the internet.

Status: September 2015